Surfmobile – 1953 Studebaker


I am now the proud owner of a real nice 1953 Studebaker Champion.  The car is in great shape and runs like a top.  Threw in a Ron Jon’s beach towel to help with the surfing theme.

Six cylinder, 3-speed on the tree.  My plan is to get some retro surf racks for it and use it to run my boards back and forth to the beach.

There is a link to great Studebaker song below (can you believe it?)  Enjoy it.

Central Coast Storm

The Central Coast’s biggest winter storm came this weekend.  We were visiting relatives in Monterey.  There the surf was pounding and very rough.  Waves were crashing over the sea walls.

Locally, we saw winds gusts up to 55 mph, the season’s largest waves, and a lot of rain (from 1 to 3 inches of rain was expected in the coastal valleys and up to 4 inches in the mountains).  A high surf advisory was issued by the weather service for the weekend.

The water in Pismo Beach is too dirty for any surfing at this time from all of the runoff.  We hope to get back in soon, but rain is predicted for most of the next five to seven days.

Things were quiet on on Cannery Row