California Surf Museum

Visited the California Surf Museum in Oceanside, California.  The current exhibit is WOW: Women On Waves (Performance, Beach Fashion, and Feminine Mystique in the World of Surfing).  Women On Waves celebrates more than 300 years of women’s standout performances in surfing. At the same time, Women On Waves chronicles the captivating beach fashions women endured or created, the milestones they accomplished and the often-overlooked influence feminine mystique has had on wave-riding.  Although no exhibition can provide a complete history, Women On Waves attempts to document the highlights of women’s contributions to surf culture — but from a feminine perspective that delights both men and women alike.  A highlight is the inspirational story of young Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm when bitten by a shark in Hawaii.  They even have her famous board (shark bite and all) on display.