Kinsley ThomasWong Fundraiser

Kinsley and his super smile!

Friday night (April 15, 2011) a fundraiser was held for Kinsley ThomasWong at the Taste of Pismo event in Shell Beach.

Kinsley, a local Central California expert Kiteboarder, was the friend who taught me the fine art of using my stand up paddle board to surf!  Check out his business website Xtreme Big Air for all of the latest and greatest in kiteboarding and SUP.

As documented on his website, in July, 2010, Kinsley was enjoying one of his favorite sports when a wind gust hit his kite and carried him out of the water and onto some nearby rocks. There were many other  kiteboarders and spectators around who were able to call 911 and get him airlifted to a nearby hospital quickly.  Kinsley suffered head and neck injuries, the most serious of which was to his 5th and 6th vertebrate.  They initially relocated him to Sierra Vista Hospital where a team of highly regarded Neurosurgeons took over his care.  He had surgery on his neck, placing support rods in to strengthen his 3rd–7th vertebrate which allowed him to begin rehabilitation within days of his operation.  These rods will remain in his neck — his own bones will eventually cover over them.

Barry, Kinsley and Jamie

The good news is the mobility of his neck (side to side & up and down) will be extremely close to what it was prior to the accident.  That said, both the spine swelling and surgery swelling has severely impaired Kinsley’s mobility below the neck.  Kinsley is home in Pismo Beach with his family and after extensive physical therapy, he is now able to move and lift his left hand and arm and even move his right shoulder.  Kinsley is a remarkable person and has not lost one ounce of his motivation, spirit and cheer.

Jamie and Kinsley’s first child (Taizen) arrived Aug 26th.  Below is a video explaining how the VMC Rehab staff made it possible for Kinsley to share in this exciting event.

Taizen - April 2011

Go to his website to see how you can help Kinsley and his family.

Soul Sauce

At the fundraiser, the group Soul Sauce provided the night’s entertainment.

The venue was a huge tent set up right on the cliffs at Dinosaur Park in Shell Beach, CA

The Big Tent at Shell Beach

Plenty of food, wine and beer was on hand and the place was packed.  A silent auction was held with everything from a stay at a house in Big Sur, to a custom longboard, to wine, skateboards and everything surf & beach.  All proceeds went to help with Kinsley’s medical expenses.

Great Food!

Nice Wine Bar

Some of the Kites on Display