Starboard K15


Added to my quiver with a 15 foot Starboard K15.  Will use this one for long distance runs including around Bass Lake.  Cooper may also enjoy being a passenger on the one we nick named “The Queen Mary”.  It performed great on the recent Pier (Avila) to Pier (Pismo) race.


Operation Surf 2013


Operation Surf is an epic life-changing adventure for our wounded active duty military heroes (USA & UK) – giving them confidence to move forward in a positive direction. Partner ing with Operation Comfort and Helping Heroes to bring this unique form of recreational rehabilitation to participants, exposing them to the healing power of the ocean through adaptive surfing taught by world-class instructors. The week long all inclusive event provides an environment where participants work to overcome perceived limitations of their physical and psychological disabilities. I have been volunteering for these events for the past 5 years.  Here is a video of the first four days of Operation Surf 2013.