Weekly Recap – January 2013

Here is a ten minute recap of the highlights of my daily waves/rides for the past week.  Surf has been a bit inconsistent but had a few great days with some outstanding rides.  Love the way the morning sun turns the water into “gold”.  These were taken at the Addie Street Wall in Pismo Beach, California and in Oceano, California at the end of Pier Avenue.

Weekly SUP Highlights: January 1 – 6, 2013

Each week I plan on posting to my blog daily highlights from my SUP surfing sessions.  Most of my sessions are early morning at the Addie Street Wall just south of Pismo Beach Pier.  Pismo Beach is on the California central coast half way between Los Angels and San Francisco just south of San Luis Obispo.  The videos are taken with an HD Go Pro Hero 2.  Most times the camera is mounted on the front of my board (somethings facing me and other times facing forward).  Once in a while we use the camera mounted on a helmet that we pass around.  Enjoy.