Starboard 8′ 10″ Wide Point

Got a super deal on an 8′ 10″  Starboard Wide Point from California Kiteboarding.

Bought the board mainly for its maneuverability in riding waves.  It is a great addition to my quiver.

No April Fool’s

Over the weekend of April 1, 2012, Pismo Beach experienced a major wave event.  Swells, topped at about 20′ on Sunday.  I went out on Saturday when it was 10 – 12 foot.  Had a great time with some nice drops until my leash broke.  My board made it in about 10 minutes before I did.  Ever try to swim from far outside to shore holding a paddle?  I did not go out Sunday (no one did).  Below are a few pictures taken that day.  I am one of the observers on the pier getting splashed.  I went out on Tuesday when the waves were still head high.  Got some fine lefts.  My new leash held up, but I used my shin to break a fin.  Just another day.