SUPing at the Wall – February 2012

The ocean calmed down a lot and Ronnie, Bill and I made it out for a great morning session on February 21st.  Swells were knee to should high and had pretty good shape.  I caught a few lefts and a right that were among my best for this year.  Russell was on shore and took these stills.  You will see Ronnie paddling out.  Bill showed up later.  Thanks Russell.

Jon’s Surf Adventure

Jon came to the Central Coast from San Antonio with Kelsey to visit the California side of her family.  Jon had participated in Operation Surf last year (that is where Kelsey was a volunteer and they met) and while he was here we got him back into the waves several times.  The rough and tumble surf was very choppy and the air & water was very cold.  But he was a champ and we all had a good time including the Wall Gang surfers who helped me spot him.

Next time the surf may cooperate a bit more and maybe we can find younger spotters so we can get him out to the outside break.  🙂  Thanks to Amp Surf for loaning us the equipment to make the sessions possible.  Here is a great video of his efforts:

We had a lot of fun this week.  Thanks to Kelsey from bringing Jon home to Pismo Beach!

Monterey February 2012

Due to family business I was able to spend a few days on the Monterey Peninsular.  The first morning I went out at Asilomar State Beach.  It was over head with some nice shape.  Lots of power.  Caught some nice lefts and really ate it a few times.

The next day I went to Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove.

This spot can be a crap shoot.  But it was breaking nicely outside when I arrived.  Breaking left away from the rocks.  Had a few nice rides and then the swells slowed down.

The third day the swells decreased in size so I SUPed around the MOnterey Harbor.  It was cool seeing the sun rise over the Pacific due to the curves in the coastline there.  Being only 2 1/2 hours north of Pismo Beach, Monterey is a nice surfing get-away.