SUPing – November 2011

Here is a short video of Russell, Bill and me SUPing in Pismo Beach, CA just south of the Pismo Pier.  The waves were not so big, but we took the opportunity to take my new waterproof video camera out and give it a test ride.  We all had fun.

Monterey – November 2011

Went up to Monterey, CA for the weekend.  This time we stayed at the RV park at the Monterey County Fairgrounds.  It was very nice.  Clean, priced right and pretty easy to get in and out of.  Very convenient location.

We had a nice three days in Monterey and Pacific Grove.

The weather was great.  It did rain hard Saturday night but it was cool listening to the rain throughout the night.  Cooper went along this time and, as usual, enjoyed himself.  The fairgrounds are quite expansive and well kept.

Would like to stay there sometime when something is happening at the fair.