Oceanside – October 2011

Took the MPG down to Oceanside in Southern California.  Camped at Paradise by the Sea RV Resort.  Very, very nice place.  Clean and a short walk to the beach.

Visited long time friends Mark & Chris who live in Carlsbad.  Have know them since my days in Iran.  One day we all drove over to Pomona and spent the day at the RV Show.  Saw some great rigs.  Our MPG would fit inside of many of them!  Breakfast Saturday morning at the Beach Break Cape was wonderful.

We were also able to visit with our niece Paige and her husband Greg.  Had a nice stroll through Carlsbad and a sunset dinner of fish & chops at a local beachside joint.

I managed SUP sessions on two days.  Waves were waist to shoulder-high.  Water was very clear.  Had some good rides until I snapped a side fin off with my elbow.

SUP in Pismo Beach

A couple of friends got a few good shots of me paddle surfing at Addie Street in Pismo Beach, CA the other day.  These pictures were taken at the end of the session when the waves were calming down a bit. Waves most of the morning were consistently overhead and the paddle out was brutal.

Operation Surf 2011

Operation Surf was back on the central coast this past week we were honored to work the event.  For the third year, I documented the event in video and photos.  Below is the link to a 20 minute video showing the event from touchdown to hitting the waves at four popular local surfing spots.  Enjoy watching these true American heroes experience the joy of surfing for the first time (surfing starts at about the 6 min point in the video) and pass the link around.

Operation Surf is a recreational and rehabilitative surf experience for active duty military recently wounded on tour in Iraq, Afghanistan or training maneuvers. As part of their recovery process at the Center for the Intrepid, Brooke Army Medical Center, they are encouraged to participate in offsite recreational activities, such as Operation Surf, which also provide rehabilitative qualities.  In doing so, they return to their daily rehabilitation with a renewed sense of determination so they can get on with living their lives and being productive members of society once again.

This year, events took place in Avila, Pismo Beach, Cayucos and Morro Bay.  Van Curaza Surf School (San Luis Obispo, CA), Richard Schmidt Surf School (Santa Cruz, CA), and the Paskowitz Family Surf School (San Clemente, CA), once again teamed up with Amazing Surf Adventures in a collaborative effort to provide our soldiers with the most outstanding surf instruction available.