Carpinteria, California – September 2011

We took the MPG down to Carpinteria State Beach just south of Santa Barbara.

Our spot was just steps from the beach.  The weather was mostly good.  One night we had the pleasure of an unusual thunder and lightning storm.  While there we had a bunch of friends from Santa Barbara come by and visit.  It was a great opportunity to catch up.  We had dinner at The Palms and lunch at Cabo’s.

The last day we were there, the annual Carpinteria Triathlon was being held.  Hundreds of competitors descended on the park.  

The surf was really ripping the first few days we were there.  Head high swells pounded on the beach.  It made for a difficult paddle out but I managed some nice rides.  Most mornings I was just about the only one out.  I had lost a side fin the last day in Pismo Beach and tried using my board with just the single center fin.  That did not work out so well as the board would shift every time I paddled hard.  We went into Santa Barbara and visited our old friend Warren at Surfing Sports in Santa Barbara and got outfitted with a new set of side fins.  Much better.  Below is a video of some of the waves while we were there.

Nice Morning Session in Pismo Beach

September 1st we had a nice set of swells come in at Pismo Beach.  I went out alone at dawn and had some fun.  Many of the waves were overhead and I got pounded coming down the face a few times.  When I timed it wrong, the paddle out was bruising.  Here is a short video of some of my session: