Lake Nacimiento SUP & Camping

Had a great few days of camping at Lake Nacimiento camp grounds.  The campsite had some good shade from the trees and even a peek of the lake.

Upon arrival, we were surprised to see another MPG trailer exactly like ours.  Exchanged stories with Gary and Sharon from Simi Valley.  Cooper had a super time watching all of the animals including deer, squirrels and rabbits.

One afternoon we relaxed under an oak tree on the shore at the marina.  I was able to get a couple of good lake stand up paddle boarding sessions in.  There was no wind, it was very warm and the water was 75 plus degrees.

Below is a short video of some SUPing taken from shore:

Maximum enjoyment of the MPG trailer continues on.  Thank goodness for the air conditioner.  During the day it got quite warm and the a/c ran most of the day.  Things cooled off in the evenings.  Added a photo of a surf shack tile (thanks Lisa!).  Also, in an effort to divide the living space up at night between living area and sleeping area, added a tension rod and curtain from Walmart – it works great!

Looking forward to the next trip in the Beach Hut 2


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