Monterey Peninsula – June 2011

On our maiden “round trip” voyage with the Beach Hut 2 (Heartland MPG 185), we went up to the Monterey Peninsula.  Stayed at the recreation area of Laguna Seca.  We had a great camp site overlooking The Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca.  In the first picture below, you can see the track in the distance.

At the Laguna Seca Recreation Area, visitors can camp on the surrounding hillsides for a serene view of the Salinas Valley.  Both RV and tent camping are available in a clean, friendly environment.  The park is just a short drive from the Monterey Peninsula, Salinas Valley, Carmel Valley and Big Sur.  In addition to great camping facilities, Laguna Seca Recreation Area has a Rifle and Pistol Range.  Laguna Seca is also home to the Skip Barber Racing School, Sea Otter Classic Sports Festival, Spirit West Coast, Cherry’s Jubilee, Spam Jam, 24 Hours of Adrenalin and Redline Time Attack.

This was Cooper’s first trip and he was a trooper.  The weather was great.  Sunny in the daytime and cool at night.

We just love everything about the trailer.  It is very comfortable for sleeping and when not sleeping there is plenty of room to sit back and relax.  We added a couple of fun things to the trailer.  We have a theme going!

3 responses to “Monterey Peninsula – June 2011

  1. Sounds great and looks like a successful first trip. Our dogs must think we’re nuts. Leaving a comfortable home with food in the same place, same time everyday and take off to some smaller new place with serious doubts about where and when food will magically appear.

  2. Love Laguna Secca Raceway. You both must be having a blast! You ought to drive it across country and visit us. Michelle

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