Pancho’s Surf Shop

Head to downtown Pismo Peach towards the pier and you will find an eclectic variety of shops and restaurants.  One of them is Pancho’s Surf Shop which is located at 181 Pomeroy Ave in Pismo Beach, California.  It is the closest surf shop to the beach in Pismo.  They have been around for quite some time and have an extensive inventory of boards, clothes and accessories.  All of the floor space and every inch of wall space is covered with surf related merchandise.

And, on the wall they have a huge collection of vintage skateboards. I even found one like the board I had in the mid 60’s in Florida.


Esteem Surf Shop

Esteem Surf Shop is located at 590 Cypress St in Pismo Beach, CA 93449.  It is on the corner of Hinds and Cypress.  Esteem has a good collection of boards, accessories and clothing.  Board and wetsuit rentals are available.


Central Coast Storm

The Central Coast’s biggest winter storm came this weekend.  We were visiting relatives in Monterey.  There the surf was pounding and very rough.  Waves were crashing over the sea walls.

Locally, we saw winds gusts up to 55 mph, the season’s largest waves, and a lot of rain (from 1 to 3 inches of rain was expected in the coastal valleys and up to 4 inches in the mountains).  A high surf advisory was issued by the weather service for the weekend.

The water in Pismo Beach is too dirty for any surfing at this time from all of the runoff.  We hope to get back in soon, but rain is predicted for most of the next five to seven days.

Things were quiet on on Cannery Row

Sunshine Freestyle Surf Shop

Sunshine Freestyle Surf Shop first opened by Brad Johnson at 550C Lighthouse. After two other locations, in 1983 they finally settled at 443 Lighthouse Ave in Monterey.  Along with being the oldest surviving surf shop on the peninsula, they are celebrating their 30th annual surfing contest i.e. The Sunshine Freestyle Surfabout, presently one of the longest running surfing contests in all of California.  Rich Wenzlik and Robert Kreyenhagen have been the owners now since 1998.

On The Beach Surf Shop

On The Beach Surf Shop in Monterey, CA, was founded by Kelly Sorensen.  In April 1986, Kelly joined forces with Mike Locatelli (owner of Portola Surf Shop) and opened On the Beach Surf Shop (OTB) on Ocean and Mission in Carmel, California. In 1993, Kelly opened a second store on the corner of Lighthouse and Prescott in Monterey.  Due to changes in the Carmel Business District, the Carmel store closed in February 1999, leaving the one store in Monterey. However, because the building is so old, it had to be either re-retrofitted for earthquake safety or torn down. The owners of the building decided to tear it down! The shop moved a couple of blocks down the street on Monterey’s Cannery Row.  In 2004, the shop moved to its current location at 693 Lighthouse Avenue.

Cocoa Beach Long Board

This is my favorite Long board.  It is a 8′ 2″ custom board I bought in Cocoa Beach.  Had it shipped to California a few years ago.  22′ wide; 2 3/4″ thick. Glass by Benke Glassing.  Floats very well and has a nice stomp pad.  Single fin configuration.

Surf's Up in Pismo Beach at Addie Wall